The Objectives of the Club are:


(a) to affiliate with the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc.
(b) to promote and encourage the breeding of pure bred dogs and in particular the German Shepherd Dog
(c) to promote and raise the standards and exhibition of registered purebred dogs, particularly the German Shepherd Dog
(d) to promote the holding of exhibitions and to conduct exhibitions and/orto promote Obedience training and to conduct Obedience Trials and Tracking Tests
(e) to foster, promote and protect the interest of exhibitors of dogs atexhibitions and particularly the German Shepherd Dog
(f) to collect, verify and publish information relating to dogs and thebreeding and exhibition of dogs
(g) to educate and encourage members, breeders and judges to abide by the requirements and standards approved by the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc. for the conduct of exhibitions and shows
(h) to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members and those participating in or attending at exhibitions and shows

(i) to inform members of and make known to them the laws and regulations of the State relating to the ownership and care of dogs and the responsibility of owners for the conduct and actions of their dogs

(j) to hold functions and lectures relating to dogs and to the objects of the Club generally
(k) to provide awards and donate prizes for competition at exhibitions and for the competition by breeders and exhibitors of dogs
(l) to foster relations with other Clubs and bodies having similar aims
(m) to promote and assist worthy causes, as agreed at a General Meeting of the members of the Club
(n) to invest the funds of the Club, not immediately required, in such manner as the members, or the Committee in lieu thereof, shall determine
(o) to purchase, hire, lease etc., and do such things as are conducive, or incidental, to promoting and achieving the objects of the Club
(p) to carry on such other activities or promote or encourage interest in the breeding, upkeep and training of the general well-being and improvement of German Shepherd Dogs and to do all such other things as may be necessary or conducive to carrying out the objects of the Club.




ByLaws (June 21)